The Other Side of 25

On Friday September 11, 2009 I celebrated my 26th year of existence. I rang the day in at midnight with Julie, my downstairs neighbor. She came upstairs to surprise me with a nutella covered madeleine and a stunning rendition of “Happy Birthday” all whilst donning a Happy Birthday party hat for the occasion. We had a dance party to Barbra Streisand and imbibed champagne and wine.

I had Friday off from work and I set about the preparations for my intimate birthday cocktail hour. I went to Shaw’s and Marshall’s to pick up a few things and ended up loading myself down with bags. It was certainly a sight to see. However, it was worth it because I made some delicious Dinner Spanakopitas courtesy of your friend and mine, Ina Garten. I must say that they were a little slice of perfection. I would daresay they rivaled the homemade goodness of Theresa Gemmellaro. I also slow-cooked my signature kielbasa, but I fizzled out on the stuffed mushrooms. It was probably for the best as I had a ton of spanakopitas over which I brought to Melanie’s going-away BBQ today and Ms. Lark will be receiving some for lunch tomorrow.

I think about 17 people ended up coming over for fellowship and community and a good chunk of that came out to Paradise later on in the night. It was actually a lot of fun dancing it up at the dirty ‘dise. I had a completely scandal and drama free birthday this year and at the end of the night I crawled under my comforter alone. I didn’t even have the wherewithal to properly bed myself.

Ah, another year old and another year wiser. Here’s to 26!

What’s a blog post without mentioning at least a little something about my (nonexistent) dating life? Well, on Monday evening, after dinner with Dillon, I check my email and find that the gentleman of late has written me something. We went on 5 dates over the course of a few weeks and things seemed to be going well. We talked a lot, spent some fun time together and genuinely seemed interested in getting to know one another. His email put the kybosh on that real fast. It’s true that I felt his personality could have used a little pizazz, but I was willing to work through that and get to know him a bit better. He, however, did not share my sentiments. What an awesome start to my birthday week!

My other grievance, shall we say, concerns guys who act interested, indicate they are interested, but don’t follow through. If you’re “so into me” and “miss me” and “want to hang out” then you should make it happen. Take the bull by the horns and set a date and time when we can meet. I’m a busy guy and I don’t have time for your wishy-washy BS. It’s also frustrating when I ask YOU to hang out at specific times and you flake out. I have no patience for this kind of tomfoolery and flim-flam. Shit or get off the pot. If you’re constipated, take a laxative. Just make sure I’m not around when you do.

Today we celebrated Ms. Melanie Becker before her departure to South America on Thursday. Melanie has been an integral member of the OCHO since I even started, so we’re certainly sad to see her leave us. We wish her the best of luck during her 4-month South American journey! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all of her amazing stories.

Tomorrow begins another fun-filled work week! YV and I have been up to our eyeballs in programming and this week shall prove to be more of the same. Bring it on!


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