The F*g Heard ‘Round The World

This past weekend we celebrated the joyous occasion that was Ariana’s christening. The church service was a bit long, but that’s how things are when you’re Greek Orthodox. The godfather had a christening gown specially made for the occasion…so the baby was dressed in couture from head to toe. She looked so cute! The night before my parents and I watched my sister’s christening from 20 years ago so it was interesting to see how much the two girls look/looked alike. My sister screamed her head off when she got dunked in the font and Ariana wasn’t quite so fussy.

The Greek culture and Orthodox religion are not only steeped in tradition and custom, but they are also steeped in…food. Naturally we had a delicious meal after the christening but what started out smoothly did not end as such. There were a large number in attendance at dinner so we were all grouped together in tables of 12. I was seated with my family, grandparents, some assorted family members and my younger cousin’s girlfriend’s parents. We struck up a conversation about hotels and bed and breakfasts in Boston, to which Ali’s (my cousin’s girlfriend) father responded that he had never been to any B & B’s in Boston, but he stayed at a B & B in Newport, RI a few weeks ago run by a couple of fags. As soon as the word left his lips I shot him the dirtiest look possible. He clearly knew that he had put his foot in his mouth. I commented that some of us at the table would take offense to a comment like that. He apologized and tried to explain that he was being funny, but I told him that words like that should never be said in conversation.

My cousin and I discussed the situation later on and he basically defended his girlfriend’s father and made it sound like I was the one to blame. I was not assigning blame to anyone in the first place, but I feel that what he said was not appropriate in any way, shape or form. One does not use that word in conversation or ever. It creates an environment of hostility and hate. That entire situation colored my day in a very negative way. I think I’m still annoyed by it on some level.

In more uplifting news, today is my Friday! Months ago I decided to take a staycation around Columbus Day and honey, I’m glad I did. I need a break like you wouldn’t believe. I feel anxious and annoyed and all-out drained. I need some rejuvenation and relaxation. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably end up cleaning the grout in my bathroom with a toothbrush.


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