Lords and ladies, here here! I attended my very first blogging event last night, Blogtoberfest, hosted by the lovely Jenny Frazier of Yay blogs! Yay networking!

Prior to this delightful fete, Sarah Stewart and I dined at Stephi’s on Tremont. I had merely imbibed here once before, but Sarah and I saddled up to the bar for a delicious nosh and nibble. The sass and frass of the Kunty Kitchen flew at lightning quick speed while we both crunched on our delicious salads. There was an awkward lady seated to my left and between annoying phone conversations she insisted upon having she would look over and stare at Sarah and I. It was a tad rude and unsettling. If you want to say hello or include yourself in our sparkling conversation, do so with grace and ease. Don’t be a creep. Eff off.

And then we moved on to Blogtoberfest at 28 degrees. It was simply a delight. Sarah and I flitted about the room like bees to honey. We networked. We schmoozed. I made so many new friends and received a ton of lovely “calling cards”. I have been inspired to create my own via!

Thus, the weekend is upon us. Happy blogging and tweeting, you bitches.


4 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest!

  1. Really, lovely time with you last night discussing how terrible exes are. I’m glad your first blogging event was a success! 😉

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