House Arrest

I’ve been in Westford for approximately 8 hours and already I’ve exhausted all possible options for entertainment. I ate, watched “Steel Magnolias” with my parents and went for a run. Consider the walls climbed.

Work today was such a waste, but I got to have a delicious, FREE Boloco burrito for a second day in a row. My Boloco experience was punctuated with scintillating conversation with Jamie Depelteau and Matt Kurkowski.

Eat lots of turkey, get drunk and bump against your loved ones inappropriately. I will certainly be engaging in the first two items on this agenda. Mazel Tov!


6 thoughts on “House Arrest

  1. im sorry i didn’t get a chance to meet you last night! i know that my friend kristen (also from westford, i graduated with her!) said hello. you in boston now?

  2. Um, guess who. I’ll give you a hint. I recently was throwing some old crap away when I came across a strees ball shaped like a hand, and big rubber band ball previously used for marker bowling.

    I have about a thousand hints I went through in my head, but those seemed obvious.

    Ok, one more.

    Have you read Tuesday’s With Morrie?

    • That damn book made me cry at my desk. Do you remember that list I compiled of our summer at AZ? I think I still have it somewhere.

      Those were the days Joe, those were the days.

      • That “internship” was a blast. I probably could have done the entire summer’s work in 2 weeks, I got paid $14.50 an hour in college, and had free lunch Tuesday through Friday. Although there are still a few missing sandwiches from the Panera disaster.

        The only reason I found this blog, too, is when I saw a picture of you on Daddy Scratches’ blog. I saw the twitter name captioned over your head, and I’m like, “Oh that’s Peter. “

      • It really was a ridiculous summer job.

        How do you know Daddy Scratches? We met at a blog event the other night.

      • I don’t know him, like real-life, how nice to meet you. I read his blog. And I checked it out today, and poof, there’s Pete. I’ll have to somehow get myself in the loop and get to a blog thing the next time one rolls around.

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