On A Clear Day…

Ah, 2010. I’m going to grab you by the balls and you are going to like it!

I’ve refrained from writing a 2009 retrospective because I would much prefer to leave all that baggage behind. 2009 was basically a cheap extension of 2008, and 2008 was not the best year of my life. Each year does get better and better as I learn more about life, the pursuit of my own happiness and the world around me.

In this upcoming year I plan to accomplish some significant things in my personal and professional life. I’ve been running a mental list of things that I’d like to participate in, foods I’d like to cook, activities I’d like to engage in. I am such a procrastinator and constantly put things off that I should be doing, ie joining a gym. I really want to get in shape and it’s time I quit bellyaching about it. Here is what I have compiled thus far:

  • Slow cook at least one dinner per week
  • Join a gym (this MUST happen ASAP…the gold’s gym near my apartment is running a special)
  • Read one new book a month (I have a degree in English. This should not be difficult.)
  • Travel and discover new places, whether it be a weekend trip to NYC or a week-long sojourn to LA.
  • Take French horn lessons
  • Find a volunteer opportunity in my community
  • Write one poem a month….and get at least one of them published
  • Paint my living room
  • Sing “Don’t Rain on my Parade” in its entirety at a piano bar (I attempted this once but forgot the words. Oops.)
  • Cut the shit with online dating and meet people in real life
  • Overhaul this damn blog and migrate it to my domain
  • Audition for a play and a musical

If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to include it in my next post. In closing, my dearest lady friend JulieQ found this perfect YouTube clip for me:


One thought on “On A Clear Day…

  1. I love these goals, but most especially: reading more (who doesn’t need to? I’ve been guilty of playing Word Warp on the train instead of reading like I ought to lately), and singing THE GREATEST SONG KNOWN TO MAN (aka: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” aka: if TKOG is ever put to death on the electric chair the song that will totally be playing in the background).

    Also, getting stuff published isn’t half as daunting as it seems, and dang does it make one feel like A Real Writer.

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