I have had the absolute delight of dining at Coppa twice in the past couple of months. I had heard about it from friends that live in the neighborhood and they simply raved about the cuisine that Coppa offers up. My friend Chris and I decided, on a whim, to check it out as part of one of our “Sunday Funday” excursions.

While Coppa is fairly small in size, it’s a very warm and inviting space. I felt right at home at our corner table amid the hustle bustle of the restaurant and its patrons. As I settled myself and had a chance to glance at the menu, I was not disappointed by the delicious array of choices that lay before me. Arancini? Chicken liver crostini? Wood-fried pizza? Please and thank you! As with any meal. Chris and I started by splitting a bottle of wine, and he chose the Sangiovese. Things I enjoy when dining Italian: wine. It was an absolute pitch perfect complement to my dinner choice: calves’ brain ravioli. I can’t imagine that most people in their right mind would choose to ingest something like calves’ brain ravioli, but I am a fairly adventurous sort of chap. I grew up eating mayiritsa, a soup we affectionately used to call “lamb guts soup”. My yiayia made it every year for Easter and eating calves’ brain provided me with a bit of nostalgia for Easters gone by.

I can hardly remember what Chris got for dinner because I was so into what I was eating. In any event, we both had a very satisfying dining experience.

Cut to last Thursday…

Chris and I (are you getting the indication that Chris and I eat together….a lot?) were wracking our brains for someplace to grab a bit of a dinner after the Uniform event that we attended. I usually like to make it a point to try new restaurants and stick with some solid haunts, but I realized that we hadn’t been to Coppa since our first jaunt. I had been fantasizing about the calves’ brain ravioli for weeks, so off to Coppa we went! It was unseasonably warm, so we were able to snag some prime real estate outside at one of the bistro tables. As I previously mentioned (and have several times), I had a mean hankering for the calves’ brain ravioli. Unfortunately, it had been taken off the menu but was available as a special. The choice was difficult, but I actually decided to go with the tripe, beef tongue and lamb stew (sidenote: I can’t remember exactly what it was called). Before we got down to business with our meals, I forced Chris to try the chicken liver crostini and arancini. Chris isn’t usually very adventurous when it comes to food, but he trusted me on this one and basically fell in love with chicken liver. We simply could not spread it on enough pieces of bread. It was divine! The arancini weren’t bad, but I find that if you’ve had one arancini, you’ve had them all. Again, I can’t remember what Chris got but it had chicken sausage in it and the most delectable sauce I’ve ever tasted. By the time our meal had ended we both had cleaned our plates with the last few bits of bread that were left on the table.

In true peteypumpkin fashion, I failed to take pictures of anything that Chris and I consumed. I blame the fact that I was ill-prepared and did not have my camera on me. (My phone has a fairly decent camera. I was just being lazy.) Also, I should not fail to mention that while the food at Coppa is utterly delicious, so is the staff! We had the most lovely young lady wait on us and I can’t wait to go back and see her again sometime soon.

I am eager to go back and partake in yet another tantalizing meal at Coppa when my travels take me to the South End!

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