Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

I can’t believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone! I always find that time speeds up around my birthday in September and then, before you know it, the holidays are here and we’re starting a new year. My parents hosted the holiday this year as they normally alternate hosting duties with my aunt and uncle. The house was bustling with family and extended family and, overall, it was a lovely day. There was a distinct difference in this year’s holiday as both of my grandmothers were not with us. When you lose a family member, the holidays are usually the hardest to stomach. This was our first Thanksgiving without my dad’s mom and it just didn’t seem right somehow. I try and cling to the small details I can remember about both to comfort myself when I’m missing them. For some reason, I’m obsessed with remembering how they smelled and how they felt when I hugged them. My mom’s mom always used to wear Oil of Olay and I always think “YiaYia Macrina!” whenever I catch a scent of it when I’m out and about. I think my dad’s mom was an Estee Lauder kind of lady, but I know it’s her perfume whenever I smell it at Macy’s. All in all, we had a lovely day, though. Ariana was a darling delight as always, and she can almost say my name! I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

I somehow managed to spend an entire week in Westford visiting my family and not going completely insane. I hadn’t been back to visit in 2 months and it had been just as long since I saw my family. I really needed the break from the city. I managed to steal my mom’s car on Monday and do some very necessary errands and pop by the cemetery. I forced my parents to watch The A-List: NY on Monday night and I think I gave them a bit of a culture shock. They were hellbent on watching Dancing With the Stars, but I allowed them to watch the finale on Tuesday (after Glee, of course). It was so nice to have a simple routine and be in close proximity to family. As the years have gone by, I haven’t been going back to Westford that often. Phone calls and emails are great, but there’s something rejuvenating about reconnecting with your family face-to-face. I think that one of the highlights of my time in Westford was spending time with Ariana. I cannot believe how much she is walking and talking since I last saw her in September. She’s like a little Energizer Bunny! We play a game where she runs away from me and I’m supposed to chase her then scoop her up and tickle her stomach. She laughs like crazy and I think it’s just the cutest thing in the world! I know I’m gushing, but I’m such a proud guncle! Oy, I think my ovaries might be aching šŸ™‚

Now that Thanksgiving is over, one’s attention can turn toward the Christmas holiday. I’m so excited to get our tree and finish decorating the apartment. There are so many festive things going on in the city and I am making it a point this year to go to the tree lighting on the common to kick off my holiday season. I’ve never been a very materialistic person, rather, I enjoy the food, decorations and traditions that my family has kept up over the years. The presents are great, but it seems like every year the holiday gets more and more commercial.

In completely unrelated news, I am on pins and needles waiting to hear some news about some job stuff that I have in the works. The waiting game is terrible and I know that those of you who are job searching or interviewing know exactly what I mean. I’ve kept fairly mum on the subject of my unemployment these past 5 months as it is something I do not wish to dwell on. However, I’ve been a bit frustrated, lonely, annoyed and kind of down in the dumps as of late. These months of unemployment have definitely been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. There have beens up and honey, there have been some serious downs. I am not normally one who functions well without a routine or without constant mental stimulation, so not being a part of the daily grind has certainly worn me down a bit. As of late, though, my attitude has taken a nosedive. I’ve been, for lack of a better word, a total bitch. I think that being unemployed (and thus having far too much time on my hands to think) and being single around the holidays (yes, I said it) has made me a tad moody. Being the extremely self-aware individual that I am (nyuk nyuk), I’ve recognized how my behavior has been a tad alienating (how to lose friends and acquaintances: act like a total shrew!). I was so positive for so many months and then it just kind of came crashing down. It can get tiring keeping a stiff upper lip all the time, let me tell you. In conclusion, I am going to regain my positivity and not let my man PMS get the better of me. You hear that, Boston? I’m not going to have a mental breakdown, get drunk and try to grate my roommate in the food processor.

Whew. I feel refreshed after getting all of that out. I try to shy away from airing my personal business out there, but sometimes one needs a good life update to shake things up. I’m going to be doing some holiday cooking and baking in the upcoming weeks so I will surely be back on track with some delicious recipes to post!

And now, for an uplifting song from my favorite Canadian songstress, Celine Dion (and special guest stars ‘N Sync)



6 thoughts on “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

  1. I’m glad I saw your Facebook status today before reading this post (the part about your week turning around with recent news).

    I know what you mean about smells too. My grandparents on my mother’s side passed away when I was younger, but sometimes when I go home to my parents house, certain rooms smell like their house – I don’t know if it’s the tea that my Irish mother insists upon having at the ready just like her Irish mother or what. It kind of makes me happy – one day when I have kids (not for a while), their experience may be similar to mine. That’s a weird thought, but anyway.

    Again, good to hear your Facebook news today!

  2. I can only think of two things to say to this:

    The holidays are definitely a downer time of year, keep your chin up and just keep moving forward, it will all work itself out.

    If you do get pissed off I would imagine you need a really big food processor for your roommate.

  3. Love you lots!! You’ll get through it. And if you need a trip to the ‘burbs and a getaway – hop the bus to hartford and we can have a cooking and chick flick party šŸ™‚

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