A Ladylike Luncheon at Flour Bakery + Cafe

After 3 years of living in Cambridge, I think I’ve finally found my niche. I think it takes months, sometimes even years, to really settle into a neighborhood or new city that you move to. I grew up in Massachusetts and stayed here for school, but I’ve only been living in the city since 2005. My residences have run the gamut from a dorm room in Beacon Hill to a commune in Allston to a 2-bedroom in Brighton and then to my current digs in Cambridge. Each area I’ve lived in has had its own vibe, particularly when it came to the personality of the local dining establishments.

Flour Bakery + Cafe is, hands down, one of my favorite spots in Boston and Cambridge. I had been to Flour a couple of times over the past few months, but it wasn’t until my friend Michael visited from Minnesota last month that I realized how much I love this divine bakery and cafe. Michael and I visited the Central Square location of Flour 3 times in his 5-day stay. We couldn’t get enough! It was thus decided that Flour was to be the location for a luncheon I had with my friend Luke last week. Since he works near South Station, the Fort Point Channel location was the most convenient for us. It’s also my favorite 🙂

The options at Flour are limitless. In the past, I’ve eaten the lamb sandwich (the tomato chutney is to DIE for!), the grilled tofu (I would never say no to olive and red pepper tapenade) and the curried tuna. Since I have been abstaining from meat for the duration of Lent, on this occasion I opted to go with the curried tuna sandwich.

The last time I tried this I was craving a classic mayo and tuna sandwich with celery. This sandwich is anything but classic! I was kind of disappointed with my choice the first time around partially due to my specific craving, but also because there wasn’t enough curry. The curry adds a unique spiciness to the otherwise bland bouquet of tuna, and the bed of sprouts upon which the components of the sandwich sit is pure heaven. I had a MUCH better experience this time around, though. There was plenty of curry and the textures of the sprouts, apples and raisins made for a delicious luncheon experience.

Luke decided to go with a BLT. What a timeless choice, and look at how ladylike he is! Pinkies up, girls. It’s all about Emily Post when one is dining with a ladylike companion.

Did I mention the delectable confections at Flour? A ladylike luncheon is not complete without one (or two) of the fine desserts at Flour. Luke opted for a raspberry crumb bar, while yours truly went with an oreo.

In more Flour-related news, I recently had the good fortune to attend a book signing and demo, with my gal pal Sarah Stewart, at Williams-Sonoma with none other than Joanne Chang, owner of Flour and owner of Myers + Chang. I had never seen one of Joanne’s demos or attended one of her cooking classes before. She was such a delight! I was also very pleased to find that the creation of homemade pop tarts would be the subject of her demo. Her easy to follow step-by-step instructions during the demo gave me some great food for thought (no pun intended) when baking my own pop tarts, cakes, pies, etc. Joanne stressed the importance of having all of your ingredients at the ready so as not to waste time or jeopardize the integrity of your final product. I couldn’t agree more! After the demo, Sarah and I clutched our copies of the Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe and waited patiently in line for Joanne to sign them.

Sage advice, Joanne 🙂

I think that the moral of this story is that I (we) love Flour Bakery + Cafe!

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