Eggand’s Best Boston Blogger Dinner at Stella

Last Thursday I was fortunate to receive a last-minute invite (thanks Sarah Stewart and Mary Kate!) to Eggland’s Best Boston Blogger Dinner at Stella in the South End. I hadn’t met Mary Kate before, but as she is a high school friend of Sarah’s I knew she would be a sheer delight. I was right ๐Ÿ™‚ It was so great to meet Mary Kate, reps from Eggland’s Best and my blogger friends. Stella was also an amazing place to host this event. I had only been there once for brunch, and I didn’t realize it was so huge. We were tucked away in a very private, spacious back room. We could hardly hear the hustle and bustle of the rest of the restaurant.

I totally stole this pic from my ladies over at WeAreNotMartha because I thought it was so cute. Here are my girls Susan (Transient Travels), Sues (WeAreNotMartha) and Chelsee (WeAreNotMartha). It was also great to see my girl Alicia (The Clean Plate Club). I haven’t seen Alicia in MONTHS. We need to plan a playdate in the city very soon.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me to snap some quality pics of the event, but I did have my trusty camera phone. I’m so proud of myself for documenting this experience ๐Ÿ™‚

The tables were decorated with Eggland’s Best containers, informational brochures that were also included in our fab swag bags and bowls of EB’s eggs.

The menu was utterly delicious, and obviously included LOTS of eggs! We started with some fresh fruit and Stella’s chopped salad…

then onto linguine carbonara with a poached egg on top and omelet with duck confit…

which brought us to dessert: a chocolate torte with gelato and chocolate sauce. Yum!

There was also delicious-looking and fluffy French toast and grilledย  sirloin steak and eggs. I was absolutely stuffed and couldn’t have forced down another bite of eggy goodness.

This event wasn’t all food and no work. While we were eating we learned all about the ins and outs of Eggland’s Best (what goes in, goes out!). I never realized how much work it is to produce a really fresh, delicious…egg. I actually went out and bought a carton of Eggland’s Best this past weekend when I made Ina Garten’s dinner spanakopitas. I could really tell the difference versus the eggs I normally buy. The rich color of the yolk and the texture of the egg, not to mention the pristine shell, was a far cry from what I usually purchase. (The spanakopita tasted delicious, too. A recipe for another entry!)

Did I mention the swag bag?

An Eggland’s Best umbrella, a cookbook, hard-boiled eggs, coupons, a plush egg….what more could a lady ask for? And did I mention the COUPONS?

Such a great night was had by all. I was thankful that Susan lives so close to me that I could just hitch a ride on home with her. Eggs can really tire you out.

I have so many more things to blog about! I feel like so much has happened to me lately in regards to food. I have recipes, dinner events and some fun peteypumpkin updates to share. So much happening, so little time!


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